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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Other Related Issues

Is it discrimination for a landlord to have a policy that prohibits unmarried couples from renting?

Yes. It is illegal to discriminate on the basis of marital status, despite personal feelings or beliefs about unmarried people.

What criteria can landlords use to make rental decisions?

A landlord can screen tenants using any non-discriminatory criteria, including your income, credit history and rental history when making a rental decision. It would be a violation of the Fair Housing Act to consider any of the categories protected by law in making his/her decision.

Can an owner or landlord refuse to rent, lease or sell housing accomodations to people because they have minor children?

No. It is unlawful for owners, managers, rental agents, real estate brokers, salespeople and developers to refuse to rent, lease or sell housing accomodations or otherwise discriminate against people because they have minor children.

Can a landlord set age restrictions for minor children in apartments?

No. The ages of minor children should not be a consideration in renting, leasing or selling housing accomodations

Can a landlord limit the total number of children in a housing complex?

No. Placing a quota on the number of children could have the effect of denying housing to families because they have children.

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